ABOUT:   carefume.com is a blog established in 2018 for anyone who has been, is, or will be involved in a caregiving experience.  These conversations include, but aren’t limited to, Caregivees, Caregivers, and Caregiving “Helpers.”


AUTHORS:  carefume.com is established by one who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and their caregiver.  Their caregiving experience spans from 1999 to now.


DISCLOSURES:  carefume.com is a supportive space for encouragement, escape, rejuvenation, and more, for audience and authors alike.  Ideally, carefume.com will become a sharing hub for stories and resources.

As our blog experience expands, we’ll entertain our Digital Marketing curiosity, including Affiliate Marketing links.  We won’t sell or share your personal information.  We will sell items on our online store, link to our eBay listings, and earn commissions by sales from links on carefume.com.