Caregiving Economics

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  1. Unemployment and GDP indicate that the increasing industry of unpaid caregiving can positively impact the economy with support from employers in the form of paid time off for caregiving. Meanwhile, the lack of support for unpaid caregivers has shown a consistent, growing, negative economic impact (Novello, 2021)

    Novello, A. (2021). Paid leave could keep more than 6 million caregivers connected to the labor force by 2030.–connected-2030.pdf

  2. Researchers have noted that increased caregivers’ emotional vitality can be considered a form of equipment for providing more effective care (Barbic, Mayo, White, Bartlett, 2014).

    Barbic, S., Mayo, N., White, C., Bartlett, S. (2014). Emotional vitality in family caregivers: content validation of a theoretical framework. Quality of Life Research, 23(10), 2865-2872. doi:10.1007/s11136-014-0718-4

  3. Researchers have identified specific costs experienced by caregivers to include extreme emotional distress, decreased health behavior and economic distress (Hoffman & Wallace, 2017).

    Hoffman, G. J., & Wallace, S. P. (2018). The cost of caring: Economic vulnerability, serious emotional distress, and poor health behaviors among paid and unpaid family and friend caregivers. Research on Aging, 40(8), 791-809.

  4. Unpaid caregiving leads to interruption in work availability in the form of absenteeism and job loss, costing the United States economy an estimated 44 billion dollars annually …(Bradley, Schulick, Yabroff, 2022) …

    Bradley, C., Schlick, R., Yabroff, K. (2022). Unpaid caregiving: What are the hidden costs? Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 19 August 2022.

  5. United States …
    estimated 48 million people providing “informal,” unpaid caregiving … (Kasten, 2021)

    Kasten, J. (2021). Assessment of family caregivers’ needs: what employers need to know. American Journal of Health Promotion, 35(7), 1038-1041. doi:10.1177/0890117121130142e

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