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Accept the interruption factor and “work” around it. It’s going to be impossible, lots of times, to start a 90 minute task and complete it in 90 minutes. Three hours later You’re enraged, exhausted, deflated. Decide now whether You’re operating in increments or fragments. For me, appreciating the difference has been a consistent challenge.

When I’m on top of my game, or at least in my game and present, increments make perfect sense, falling together logically and precisely. When I feel fragmented, and realize I’ve actually articulated the word in my thoughts, I realize eventually, that I’ve spun myself out of my game and that I’m NOT present.

Self awareness can be so cool, and so not cool, so invigorating, and so devastating. I’ve decided it’s all part of the fun.


Everything about everything can be a distraction. Embrace it. Consider it a form of love. One of my dogs always gets between my feet and my focus. Rather than yell at her that she’s going to make me break my neck, I try to thank her for “helping” me, stop what I’m doing, and love on her for a minute. I ‘m thankful to have her to help me reduce my stress level scientifically, physiologically, etc., blah.

If all distraction could be so easy to appreciate, I’d have a lot more to write about in this moment.


The challenge is PRESENCE, plain and simple. Our traditional coping mechanisms DETACH us emotionally, rendering our ability to be present impossible. Ain’t happening. Add some chemicals, tell Yourself that increases Your ability to maintain presence. There’s a whole world of programs involving steps out there to help You with that, if You’re truly committed to believing Yourself. Meanwhile, You’ll tire more quickly and fizzle faster, then that bad mood will hit You like a ton of bricks… “so I’ve heard.”

Save the wine for the true end of the day. It may take numerous attempts to acknowledge and appreciate the difference in every aspect of Your experience of presence, but I promise You, if You let Yourself feel true presence, and the feeling of love that surrounds You when You’re truly present, You’ll love it and everything about Yourself and Your doings so much more than I can express for You.